Graceful page rendering during page delays

Let’s say you have a page where the presentation dependencies are the javascript code. Usually, all your style tags are placed in the header prior to the remaining elements are rendered. Your javascript is a JQuery plug-in (e.g., some-plugin.js)that takes some element and does some kind of styling to it by applying some CSS classes using its own CSS file(e.g., some-plugin.css).
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50 Shades of Hue

I was just reading a post called A Quick ‘n Dirty Color Sequence from an Apple developer named Peter Ammon over at blog called  It was an interesting way to get distinguishable color sequences for things like bar graphs.  He explains bisecting the regions of the color wheel to determine distinct distant colors.  This doesn’t take into other considerations like colorblindness, print-friendly, and photo-copy-able.  For those color selections, you’re best bet is to check out  Color Brewers for maps.

The code was designed to calculate Nth hues on a color circle (saturation and light disregarded).  I thought it would be interesting to see how to use this for anything besides the example he had on this page. So, I took his code and just adjusted it.
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